Genesis 32 | Jacob & God’s Lovingkindness

October 30, 2022

Genesis: God's Story, Our Story
Genesis: God's Story, Our Story
Genesis 32 | Jacob & God's Lovingkindness

The story of Jacob’s life is the longest of the patriarch’s of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Yet Jacob’s life is filled with downs and ups, but more downs. He is a deceiver and schemer, he lies and steals, and he deals with consequences. He wrestles with everyone for what he wants–with his brother for supremacy, with his uncle for his wife and his wages, with his father for love and blessing. But mostly he wrestles, even unknowingly, with God–until he actually does wrestle with the Lord. And when he meets the Lord face to face–he realizes God’s “Hesed” – his lovingkindness – has been with him all along.