A collection of links and files that should provide some good insight into our church and its mission

Advent-Christmas 2020 Resources

Click here for a page where we’ve curated Advent and Christmas devotionals, music, Advent wreaths, kids books, etc. for you to enable you to better walk through this Advent & Christmas season with expectancy and hope.

Child Protection Resources

Additional Resources

The Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) held in October of 2013. For more information on “What CCV Believes” and our Anglican heritage and connection see the attached link from the conference – http://anglicanink.com/article/gafcon-2-statement

The Falls Church Anglican is our sending church; we planted CCV out of The Falls Church Anglican in November 2011. http://www.tfcanglican.org/

Loose Offering at CCV

All Cash & Coins that are received through the Sunday Offering is designated to Outreach supporting Anglican Relief & Development Fund (unless otherwise stated).

Who is ARDF (The Anglican Relief and Development Fund)?

“Through the love of Jesus Christ, ARDF strives to connect those who can provide with those who need through a holistic, high impact, and proven community development approach so that believers are strengthened and encouraged, lives are rescued and made whole, and Christ is glorified.”

Each week at CCV, all loose offering (all cash & coins) go directly and completely to the work of ARDF. CCV believes that the work of ARDF aligns with its hope to be a missional church “… For Vienna.” Through the work and financial support of those in Vienna and at CCV we will further the kingdom work to serve others and glorify Christ both here in Vienna, and world-wide.

For more information on the Anglican Relief and Development Fund visit their website.