Lessons & Carols 2023 | God’s Surprising Plan

December 17, 2023

Becoming the People of God
Becoming the People of God
Lessons & Carols 2023 | God's Surprising Plan

This episode contains today’s sermon and all the lessons and carols from the service!

God has always worked in surprising ways. It’s why, even though it was prophecied through the scriptures, Jesus’ life and death caught people off guard. Surprises have been around since the beginning, when God put order into chaos, gave a 99-year-old man and a barren woman a son, and gave a rebellious nation a king. Who God chooses to use is surprising. David was a shepherd, Joseph and Mary were nobodies, and Bethlehem was a nowhere town. God uses the people amid the chaos of the world to speak his order into it, and Jesus wants to bring order into the chaos of your life.