Romans 14 & 15 | Generosity of Spirit

October 8, 2023

Becoming the People of God
Romans 14 & 15 | Generosity of Spirit

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In the book of Romans, Paul makes a distinction between those whom he sees as spiritually weak and spiritually strong. Specifically, it had to do with whether or not their consciences were still concerned with dietary laws for Jewish Christians, and food sacrificed to idols for Gentile Christians. The weak felt that meat couldn’t be eaten, and the strong knew that all things are lawful to eat. In both cases, Paul exhorts the church not to correct or tease them, but to love them. In the same way, modern-day Christians have scruples and disagreements over non-critical points of faith. In such cases, the stronger is called to make the necessary adjustments to make the weak feel comfortable. Sacrificial love can mean restricting yourself to help the consciences of those around you.