James 2:14-26 | Faith that Works

April 21, 2024

James | Faith that Works
James 2:14-26 | Faith that Works

Note: At the beginning of this sermon, Pastor Johnny Kurcina addresses the topic of child sexual abuse that took place at another church between 1990-2002.

In James 2:14-26, James calls out the hypocritical nature of believers in the churches. Faith without works is dead–it is useless, it does not save. Both a words only faith (saying you believe) and a thinking only faith (knowing Christian doctrine) does not matter if your life does not demonstrate your faith. In contrast, both Abraham and Rahab are Hebrew Bible saints who acted in ways that revealed the authenticity of their faith. Authentic Christian faith involves integrity of life with professed beliefs, a tree is know by its fruit, as Jesus said.