Poverty & Wealth in Creation (with God in Life – Joel Dillon)

January 20, 2019

The first in the series: Poverty, Wealth and God–a Biblical Theology of Possessions.

In Genesis 1, God is the creator and Lord of all things. He creates humanity in his image and calls him to steward the garden and spread flourish, Living under his Lordship of all creation. This has profound impact on how we view all of our wealth and possessions–it is his.

Sermon concludes with a God in Life by Joel Dillon, president of Jill’s House, at minute 29:40, sharing on Human Dignity and the Disabled and the work of Jill’s House.

In the middle of the God in Life, at minute 32:40, a video is shown called “Unwavering Strength” of a boy named Nick with severe disabilities. The video may be seen here: