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COVID-19 Student Ministry Details

CCV Student Ministry – COVID Policy

As we enter into the Summer Season and continue our transition from previous Covid-19 protocols and adhere to VA Governor’s May 28th announcements. For our Middle School and High School students, we want to share the following guidelines for our weekly cyclical student ministry gatherings and events in this next season: 

Student Ministry 

  1. Fully vaccinated students will not be required to wear a mask or distanced for any indoor or outdoor activity.
  2. Unvaccinated students will be required to wear a mask when either: (a) In a transportation vehicle (b) In an indoor space without proper ventilation or proper spacing available.

As noted we will always be respectful and accommodating to the safety wishes of our students and families. While masks while in our outdoor events is encouraged, it will not be required unless in indoor situations mentioned above.

Our Student Leaders will always strive to be vigilant of safety standards and guidelines both for the student’s health and well-being and their own, and as such, we will set up each event and monitor students to adhere to these guidelines.  

Our most significant factor in helping keep our students and leaders safe in this season is OUR PARENTS.  For any and all student ministry gatherings, we ask that each family please discuss being respectful of other’s tolerances for safety and the importance of adhering to the established guidelines set by the student ministry – not just because it’s the rules, but because this is how we can love one another well.

Parents- if your student is exhibiting any flu-like symptoms, especially fever (but not limited to)- please keep your student home.


CCV Student Ministry Emergency & Medical Response Plan

While we are working hard to avoid any COVID transmission, if we are made aware of any COVID infections happening to students or leaders involved in any of our student ministry or outreach gatherings, we will adhere to the following protocols:

  1. We will confirm COVID diagnosis with the person in question and then record the date of the first symptoms
  2. Within an hour of confirming COVID diagnosis, we will contact all students and leaders that we have records of being at the same student ministry gatherings for the 2-3 days before the onset of symptoms.**
    1. Contact will be made through direct emails or group communication to students and families through text and/or established GroupMe text groups.
    2. In the case of a CCV Staff Member or Volunteer Leader diagnosed, we will also immediately begin our CCV COVID Contact Tracing process to record and contact all people who have had contact with a compromised person.
  3. We will work with the compromised student(s) and their family(s) to encourage and help if needed during the recovery period and ensure that they do not return to student gatherings until they have been medically cleared.

** Harvard recommendations are 48 to 72 hours before the start of symptoms as the prime contagious period. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joe or Rod…