Small Groups

Small groups are great ways to connect with one another!

CCV Small Groups

Small Groups are the place relationships are strengthened and faith gets practical. We have Small Groups meeting in and around Vienna on a variety of topics. There are groups for men, for women, and for everyone. They meet on weekdays and on weekends, with & without kids, once a week or once a month. Some groups are purely social: dinner groups, movie nights, Moms & kids. Some discuss the Bible or a Christian book. Some discuss Johnny’s latest sermon. Some meet to pray or do service in the community. And it’s fine to sign up for two.

Never been in a Small Group?

Visit one and give it a try! If you decide to join, you’re only committing for 5-10 weeks — long enough to get the idea but short enough to not get locked in. It’s a great way to make new friends and strengthen your faith as well. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Questions or problems?

Feel free to email Corky Eddins, our Small Group Coordinator: