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January 10, 2021

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Sermon Discussion Questions

Faith in Exile #2 – Daniel 2:1-30, 44-49  |  Jan 17, 2021


Two overall questions:(1) What did Daniel need to know or do?
(2) What did Nebuchadnezzar need to know or do?

David Kinnaman says to understand culture we need to ask four questions: What’s right? What’s wrong? What’s missing? What’s confusing?

Daniel needed: (a) to understand the culture of Babylon; (b) to know politics/court protocol; (c) humility & empathy for an evil dictator; (d) a community of faith, real friendships; (e) to know theology (who God is & how he acts). Over time Daniel learned about God through prayer, the Scriptures, and his community of faith – which gave him courage & humility (to save magicians).

Nebuchadnezzar needed to know: (a) what his dream meant; (b) that God is sovereign over all; (c) the transience of earthly kingdoms. Prophets like Daniel declared God’s judgment on people or pointed to “that Day/the latter times” in images/poetry/apocalyptic language.

What or who do we look to? Our TV/laptop/iPhone screens are shaping our sense of identity and understanding of truth, and can play on our fears, control, desire to belong. Are we looking to God in prayer and his Word to shape us? Do we have a community of proximate friends?

Discussion Questions:

1) What other dream(s) in the Bible come to mind? What can we learn from them?

2) Daniel was facing sure death. How did he respond? What does his response teach us?

3) What had Daniel been doing in the years leading up to this to prepare for this crisis?

4) After God answered their prayers and before taking action, Daniel thanked & praised God. What aspects of God’s character does he mention? How does this inform our prayers?

5) Johnny said today’s digital world can be cult-like in shaping our view of ourselves, of others, of truth. How do you see that happening; what is contributing to it?

6) As followers of Jesus, what can each of us be doing to counteract this (#5)?

7) What is one thing God might be calling you to do because of this sermon? Share this with someone and ask them to pray for you.